Frequently Asked Questions

How do we make a booking?

Please fill in the web form on our contact page – (we are serious about our website enquiries and will get back to you.)

How much is the booking fee?

The website has a lot of details about pricing options on the different photo and video services that we offer. Booking is secured by a 50% deposit of the required option / package that you need.

Do you take provisional bookings?

Unfortunately not. Booking is secured by payment of 50% deposit.

Is the deposit refundable?

Unfortunately not. If for some reason we cannot be at your event due to some unforeseen circumstances (after the booking was secured), we will give you notice in advance and refund your deposit. But if you cancel, the deposit will not be refunded as we have had to decline other offers on the date to be able to help you.

When is the balance due?

For weddings, it is 7 days before the wedding date.

Do you offer photo books?

Yes we do. a Photobook is included in our Gold wedding package, but can also be an optional extra to any of the other options.

Some photographers now only offer edited images as low-res and sell prints as a form of making their money. Do you do the same?

No we don’t. We offer you a number of high resolution edited images (matching the option that you selected), as well as raw unedited high resolution images. You can do your own prints.

Can I add extra hours to a package?

Yes you can. At R1,000 per hour.

Is there a travel allowance?

Only if the event venue is further than 70km from our office address.

Is accommodation needed if you would shoot our wedding?

It depends. If we have to travel more than 100 km at night after the wedding shoot is done, then yes. This cost will not be for our account and is not included in the wedding package.

How will we receive our images?

We deliver images on a USB drive.

I am interested in booking you, but still have a few more questions that I want to ask. How can get them answered?

Please send us an email. We will definitely get back to you.