Wedding Invitations

Years ago sending cards for Birthdays, Christmas & Invitations were the only way to go. Luckily today we can utilize modern technology and create interactive invitations to your wedding, where your can can RSVP online & get all the needed details to make your wedding a day a perfect one.



Stay ahead of the curve and let Sitemedia design a personalised invitation to your wedding. Not only will save you money, but it will make things so much easier for your guests. We build your E-Invite according to your wedding colours, photos and wording. We will also include a web form where your invited guests can RSVP online, and view the map & directions to your wedding venue online. Chances are that this environmentally friendly option will also be quite a bit cheaper than conventional printed invites…




Now this option will provide you with a bespoke website, custom designed to your wedding’s theme and look. It will be accessible on a personalised domain, with a unique email address. This website will be live for 12 months in total, which will allow you to add some of your wedding photos to the website afterwards for your guests to enjoy.

Some of this option’s features:

  • Multiple photo galleries
  • Personalised domain & email address e.g.
  • Links to your supplier’s websites
  • Direction & map to your wedding venue
  • Links to accommodation options in the surrounding area
  • All the wedding details
  • Much more